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Did you hear? We are growing and rebranding!

With grateful hearts and an even greater passion for what we do, we can not wait to take care of you from head to heart to toe at The Salt and Light Spa with Michele Burns Esthetics.

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Why we chose the name:

There is so much noise out there, and it’s easy to pick up on what many people feel, which is mostly negative. You are not alone if you want to focus on something positive and experience abundance and joy!

Like salt and light, we want our connections to influence our clients positively. Our mission and treatments will make you feel so good that you will share that radiance with others.

So, If you are craving some me time or just need to reset and are looking for somewhere that will lead you into the realm of relaxation, that’s us! (Bonus: our treatments are advanced and yield results)

Check out our new website here and schedule your appointment today to discover the treatment regimen that helps you achieve your radiance!

Blessings and Love,

Michele & Team

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