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Bye-Bye Clogged Pores!

Cleansing Facial Extractions in Mount Pleasant, NC

Address acne, reduce breakouts, and enjoy even-toned, clear skin with professional facial extractions at The Salt and Light Spa. Our experienced team uses the best techniques to gently unclog pores and leave the skin looking radiant. Clients can incorporate extractions into any of our three Signature Facials for beautiful results that build over time. Discover the numerous benefits of facial extractions and why they are essential for maintaining healthy, smoother skin.

Soothe and Treat Acne Prone Skin

No matter how clean our eating habits or how diligent our skincare routines are, we all face breakouts sometimes. Whether that’s due to hormone fluctuations or daily exposure to dirt and pollutants in the air, acne and clogged pores can result in a vicious cycle of skin irritation and damage. Breaking the cycle and letting the healing begin is possible with whitehead and blackhead extraction facial treatments at The Salt and Light Spa. 

As part of our Signature Facials, extractions promote a clearer complexion and allow the skin to start healing. Patients enjoy reduced redness, less pain, and a healthier foundation for beauty.  For anyone seeking clear and glowing skin, facial extractions are a non-negotiable step in their beauty regimen.

Benefits of Facial Extractions

  • Unclog pores
  • Reduce future breakouts
  • Faster healing from breakouts
  • Improve product absorption
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Address excess oil
Facial Extractions

How to Extract Pores with Precision?

The Salt and Light team is exceptionally good at delivering beautiful results for this treatment, working carefully to extract impurities without leaving scars or marks. This is an acquired skill not possessed by every professional in the beauty industry. Our methods are focused on your long-term skin health, and we take intense precautions to avoid overstripping, bruising, and any products that could result in further breakouts. 

Before extraction begins, our clients enjoy double cleansing and exfoliation to remove pollutants and dead cells from the top layer of skin. This creates a healthy surface for us to safely loosen and open clogged pores before removing blockages. We follow up extractions with a mask and a facial massage to optimize healing and promote smoother skin.

Your Extraction FAQs

An extraction is a term that refers to unclogging impacted pores, often as a way of treating blackheads or whiteheads. More than just preventing future breakouts, extractions also help to enhance the clarity of your complexion and reduce the visibility of pores. 

A facial with extractions is one that includes the extraction of impurities, and The Salt and Light Spa offers extractions (as needed) as a complimentary part of every facial. We manually apply all our treatments for more personalized, effective therapies.

There are contraindications for persons with epilepsy, pacemakers, active cancer, or who are pregnant. Please speak to your primary care physician with any concerns or contact our office to learn more about this treatment.

Extractions are a complimentary part of our Signature Facials. These treatments provide comprehensive care and the best possible results with appropriate skin prep and aftercare.

Trying to perform extractions on yourself without training can spread bacteria and result in even more clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads, among other health concerns. This can include scarring and uneven skin tone. Leave the extraction of blackheads to the professionals at The Salt and Light Spa for beautiful results.


Mount Pleasant Loves Our Exceptional Level of Care

“The facility was gorgeous!! I love the designed space, the feel, and the comfort of it all. Mallory was wonderful! She was soft spoken, gentle and very accommodating to my current skin care requests. I really enjoyed my facial and cannot wait to visit the spa again.”


“I love the microcurrent facial. I am 54 years old with long-term sun damage, and I also have very loose and cracked eyelids. I am so pleased with my skin and eyelids since I’ve gotten the microcurrent facial treatments. Michele is the very best!!! I would not trust my face with anyone else.”


“She is such a sweet person. She is beautiful inside and out. She takes the time to get to know you. She listens to your concerns and helps address them. Michele helps calm any fears you might have about any service you get and is very responsive if you have questions after your treatment!”


“What an amazing experience! I so loved my “The Works” facial. Michele is absolutely the best! She is so friendly and kind and very knowledgeable and professional. She explained every step of the process and made the entire experience just wonderful. I felt relaxed and my skin looked incredible after the treatment. I 100% recommend her and I can’t wait to go back!”


“Everyone here is so nice from the moment you walk in the door. Michele took such good care of me. It was so nice to relax.”


“Michele is the best! I live in South Charlotte near lots of upscale spas but I gladly drive up to Concord to see Michele. My skin has cleared and her products have made my skin look healthy and glowing. I can’t recommend her enough!”


“Mallory was very professional and created an atmosphere of calmness and serenity throughout my treatment. She has a very gentle touch and I am looking forward to going back soon!”


“This spa is beyond beautiful, relaxing, and the rooms are so inviting. I am so excited to book my deep tissue massage and pumpkin facial. Best customer service and it was great speaking to Mariah – she explained all of the questions I had.”

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Deep Cleansing for Healthier Skin

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