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Michele Burns Esthetics Year In Review 2021

Did you have an aunt who sent the crazy holiday card, which was a newsletter full of details about every (single) event that happened all year?

Well, I would like to honor her with my end of the (crazy) year holiday email.

January started with high hopes for an excellent 2021. Despite the crazy year before, my spa schedule was full, and I was microcurrenting like a rock star.

February was filled with excitement that my kids would be able to go to school, but that excitement came to a halt when my husband got Covid, and we had to quarantine for two weeks.

March after rescheduling several appointments from February, I was oh-so-happy to be back in my little room in the yoga studio sharing my love for moisturizers and cleansers with you-my beloved client.

April a friend told me about a commercial building that was available in Mount Pleasant. The next day, I gave my realtor a facial and told her about the building. She said, “let’s go see it tomorrow”-she makes dreams come true! (If you need a realtor or a mentor- I highly recommend Leigh Brown)

May was my favorite month this past year. I celebrated my 44th birthday with my besties at the beach AND….my husband and I signed the papers for the building in Mount Pleasant. I am still in shock!!!!

June started my glorious days of Summer camping and preaching sunscreen.

July, supposedly a slow season for the spa world, had me booked in my treatment room unclogging pores, while my husband worked on the new building.

August my family went to see Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-see!

September I was voted Best Day Spa in Cabarrus County!!!!

October brought Circadia’s pumpkin mask into the spa, and I celebrated my twin boys’ birthdays, and sweet Avery turned 11.

November I was voted Spa of the Month for DNA, spent lots of quality time with my oldest daughter, prepped for my gratitude sale, and enjoyed a Thanksgiving Day feast with family. #gratitude

December has been a blur. Lots of facials, parades, Christmas shopping, eating, and milestones. My mom turned 70, and my daughter Zoe turned 21.

Oh, and I was given a two-week notice that the Yoga Studio was closing, and I had to be out by the 31st!!

Forecasting 2022 – I am counting all my blessings (including you) and I am trusting Jesus’ plan to move to Mount Pleasant sooner than later. The floors are down, the cabinets are in and things are moving along. I can’t wait to show you!

For those of you that have an appointment coming up soon, I will be reaching out to you with information and directions. Thank you for all your love and support of me/my business! It means the world to me.

Happiness, Blessings & Hope for 2022,


1476 South Main Street
Mount Pleasant, NC 28124

Friends don’t let friends go unprotected! Summer is HERE!!

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