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Do you suffer from Pandemic Pores?

Stress, unusual schedules, and mask wearing have left several of my clients suffering with what I am calling “pandemic pores”. This is where the stress inside our bodies have started showing up on the outside. While I cannot end the pandemic, nor make all of the stress go away, I can share some tips to help you maintain healthy-looking skin during these times.

Three Signs You Have Pandemic Pores AKA “Maskne”

1) Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Flaking, dryness and tightness are all signs your skin is not getting enough moisture. Our pores cannot function properly when the skin is not adequately hydrated.

Quick fix: I recommend moisturizing the skin regularly. Many people with acne or redness are hesitant to moisturize and think that their skin will break out more. If you have dry skin, then you have compromised the skin barrier and will be more prone to breaking out with sensitive skin irritation.

2) Blackheads Emerging

When confined beneath the fabric of a mask, your breath creates a humid environment. That humidity becomes a breeding ground for acne. If you can see blackheads on your face, your pores are getting full of excess oil and debris.

We can reduce the appearance of their size by keeping them clean and by choosing clean products that do not have pore clogging ingredients. Antioxidants, like Vitamin C, are a key ingredient in pore-minimizing because they can unclog congested pores, clear dead skin, and excess sebum.

Quick fix: Repeat after me: A double cleanse twice a day keeps the “Maskne’ away. Get back on track with your morning and evening skincare routines, and do not sleep in your makeup- heck do not wear make-up at all under that mask. Add a gentle exfoliant 2x per week. Best case scenario, treat yourself to a facial once a month for a deep cleaning. Watch this video here to learn how to properly cleanse your skin:

3) Jawbone Acne

Whatever happens on your chin and jawbone, know it is connected to your hormones. Heightened levels of stress and anxiety can cause these types of breakouts.

Quick Fix: Use your Retinol/Vit A as an added acne spot treatment to blemishes. Take the time to connect with friends, make exercise a part of your stress release routine, and create a daily moment of Zen in a quiet place with a cup of Skin Health Tea by Yogi. If you have acne-prone skin, you may need a special mask to help prevent breakouts. Silk-lined masks have antimicrobial properties and are gentle on your skin. Plus, you will feel so fancy. But, if silk is scarce, you can’t go wrong with a cotton mask. The light, breathable fabric will let air circulate easier in your mask and help reduce sweat and oil production.

Adding these quick fixes will help you get your Pandemic Pores under control. Please reach out if you would like customized skin care recommendations. I would love to share my skincare knowledge with you, and help you start feeling your best again.

Happiness, Health, and Clean Pores,


Want professional help with getting your skin under control? Here’s how I can help: Book an in-spa facial, order a facial kit, and/or call, text, or email me for a personalized skincare consultation. The products you use for your skin at home are super important. I am available for help choosing these wherever you feel most comfortable.

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