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Friends don’t let friends go unprotected! Summer is HERE!!

Summer season is here, and I am sure you are looking forward to some vitamin D like I am. It’s crucial not to forget that while warm sunny days may give you the vitamin D your body craves, the sun may also give you dark spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer!

Despite the knowledge of the harmful effects of the sun on our skin, most of us come up with excuses not to protect ourselves from sun damage, like the sunscreen is too greasy to reapply (Karen), or a little color makes me look healthy (Stan), or it breaks me out (Angela). Yes, I want you to enjoy your Summer, but I also want you to protect your skin; as my husband says, everything in moderation, including moderation.

Below are five ways to lessen the damaging effects of Summer, help you eliminate the excuses not to protect your skin, and make your esthetician so happy!

  1. Girl (and Stan), cover yourself!
    Some people think tanned skin looks healthier than pale skin, but even if you tan and do not burn, UVA rays damage the elastin in your skin, causing wrinkles and pigmentation issues that show up years later. Wear a scarf to cover your face and neck, sunglasses, and always wear a hat if you will be outdoors for an extended period.
  2. I said reapply, Karen!
    It would be best to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours for guaranteed protection. Apply it once before leaving the house and repeat this throughout the day. I love Jane Iredalale’s SPF brush; it makes it easy to reapply and is not greasy. Check it out here. (Btw thank you for supporting my small business)
  3. Have you ever tried a melanin inhibitor, Becky?
    DNA Skin Institute, Medi-Clear Skin Lightening Gel suppresses melanin production to naturally decrease melasma and brown spots. It also improves post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to acne lesions and photodamage without harmful ingredients.
  4. Double Cleanse Angela!
    Many sunscreens are formulated to lay on the skin’s surface, forming a protective film to absorb UV radiation. It is essential to double cleanse to ensure you don’t leave sunscreen on your face, so your pores won’t get clogged. Following your oil cleanser with a foaming cleanser will improve sunscreen, makeup, and sebum removal, lowering the risk of breakouts. My favorite oil and foam cleansers are Citrus Burst Gel Cleanser and Medi-Clear Skin Lightening Foam Wash.
  5. Book that facial, Debbie!
    I can’t wait for you to try Circadia’s Super Berry Mandelic Mask. Like other acids, mandelic’s micro-exfoliating properties help lift the excess pigment from the skin’s surface. However, unlike other acids, mandelic works in the deeper layers of the skin to inhibit melanin production. No acid can match mandelic’s brightening ability, and because of its larger particle size, it is excellent for sensitive skin. Don’t forget that Mallory is offering $99 Summer Facials!

Now you don’t have more excuses to protect your skin against sun damage, and you can enjoy your Summer!

Sending you love and wishing you glorious, protected Summer days,

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