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Positive news! 16 Quarantine beauty hacks to lift your spirits.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling down and need a ‘pick me up’. I have decided to share some of my own beauty and wellness hacks that have made me feel better.

These hacks range from head to toe and will help you feel more beautiful as we transition back into the world

1). Lips – Use a soft toothbrush and combine sugar and coconut oil to hydrate and exfoliate.

2). Body – Join me for a yoga class at Lotus Living Arts Studio.

3). Eyes – I love my Younique mascara that my friend Jill gave me – my lashes are so much fuller!

4). Smile – Gratitude. During this time, I have found myself just sitting back and watching my kids play together. Extra time with them has been a silver lining that I am very grateful for.

5). Face – DNA Signal Plus! I have been using my Signal Plus serum every morning. Signal Plus contain proteins that signal the body’s cells to regenerate resulting in younger looking skin. Nourish your skin, don’t strip it with harsh chemicals! (Ask me for more information)

6). Feeling Good – Spread acts of kindness. This is what makes me feel the most beautiful. Checking in on friends, sending cards, gifts, etc. I promise the return on investment is immeasurable!

7). Feet – Ya’ll I need a pedi, but until then I will soak my feet in bath salts and essential oils.

8). Hair – Haley Tubbs always makes me feel beautiful, she is an expert at coloring hair. Trust me because I know. I have been going gray since I was 25! You can find her at CC & Company.

9). Hands – I have put my favorite hand lotion next to my soap dispenser and in my car next to my hand sanitizer. Moisturize moisturize moisturize.

10). Health -I started taking CBD from World of Hemp , check them out- they just opened in the same building where I am.

11). Morning routine – I added collagen powder to my coffee. I am noticing a huge difference in my skin.

13). Movement – I’ve been walking with an old friend (it’s been so good to catch up). Walking in fresh air always makes me feel better.

14). Muscles – Don’t tell my husband, but while I was “working” I had a massage from the massage therapist in the room next door. It was amazing and I’m definitely going to sneak it in again. Ronald Downer – MassageBook

15). Sleep – I put on white noise and listen to the sound of rainfall. I’ve done this since I had my twins.

16). Soul – Ann Voskamp. I love her books, I love her words. She speaks to my soul, maybe she can speak to yours.

Have a hack you want to share? I love learning new things! Let me know by replying to this email.

Be good to yourself!

Listen, love and look beautiful,


Friends don’t let friends go unprotected! Summer is HERE!!

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