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Skinny Jeans, Side Parts, and Laugh/Cry Emojis

True story – when I was younger I was a fashionista. Seriously just ask my friends. Now, at almost 44 years old and 4 kids later, I have fallen off that fashion train and I just need someone to tell me what to wear. While I may not know what fashion clothes are trending, I do know about skin. My experience and continuous education help me to always improve my craft. “The one thing no young person can buy or have: It’s your acquired wisdom and perspective”- Suzanne Somers

I bet you are a lot like me. Can you relate to this? Maybe you are still a fashionista, but what about other areas in your life? Do you go online or go to a big home improvement store because you want the latest hot new thing? You can’t find anyone to help you? You get frustrated searching for help and the right items, so you just end up guessing what you need? Once you are home you realize that you don’t have the right stuff to do the job, and can’t bear the thought of going back again? It’s a frustrating cycle of wasting time and wasting money.

Y’all are heading to big stores like Amazon or Ulta (or even worse listening to online influencers who know nothing about your skin telling you that skinny jeans, side parts and laugh/cry emojis are not on-trend) You end up wasting money and time and still not getting what you need for your skin. I may have fallen off the fashion train, and I am sitting here still wearing my skinny jeans, but I know this to be true- I can help you save time and money with skincare that works. Here is how:

1) Skin Assessment

I am a licensed esthetician. I have treated thousands of faces just like yours. Not only that, but I can customize any treatment based on your needs and my 14+ years of experience. You can come in, relax on my facial bed, and I will assess your skin for you. We will evaluate your skincare goals and develop a plan to obtain them. Book here.

2) Professional Facial

My facials offer professional results. I have spent years researching products and services that will give you healthier, younger-looking skin all while being clean and free of harmful or synthetic substances. Nothing makes me happier than doing what I am trained to do and that is making you look and feel beautiful. I’m also happy to announce there is a new mask in town…aka my treatment room! I am so excited for you to see a difference in your skin. You can check it out here.

3) Product

I promise to suggest professional home care recommendations when the facial is over, so that your results will last and continue to improve. You will leave with the proper skincare for your skin’s needs. I can ship right to your door or leave your product up front with the World of Hemp store for pick up. To access my online store click here.

Come visit me in my treatment room. I’ll be wearing my hair parted to the side, but hey my skin will be “on point” and so will yours after I am done with you!



P.S. Do you know someone who would love my services? Please forward them this email.

P.P.S. I need a favor and would love a google review. Thank you so much!

Friends don’t let friends go unprotected! Summer is HERE!!

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